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List of 10th-century religious leaders
List of 11th-century religious leaders
List of 13th-century religious leaders
List of 18th-century religious leaders
List of 19th-century religious leaders
List of 2009 albums
List of 2010 albums
List of 2011 albums
List of 2012 albums
List of 2013 albums
List of 2014 albums
List of 20th Century Fox films (2000–present)
List of 20th-century earthquakes
List of 20th-century religious leaders
List of 21st-century classical composers
List of 21st-century earthquakes
List of 21st-century religious leaders
List of 5th-century religious leaders
List of 7th-century religious leaders
List of abbeys and priories
List of abbreviations used in medical prescriptions
List of abolitionist forerunners
List of abolitionists
List of academic databases and search engines
List of Academy Award Best Actor winners by age
List of Academy Award records
List of Academy Awards ceremonies
List of Academy Award-winning films
List of accidents and disasters by death toll
List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (A–C)
List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (D–O)
List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by location
List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft
List of accidents and incidents involving general aviation
List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1925–34)
List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1940–44)
List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1955–59)
List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1960–74)
List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (2000–09)
List of accidents and incidents involving the DC-3
List of acronyms
List of acronyms: A
List of acronyms: I
List of acronyms: M
List of acronyms: N
List of active duty United States four-star officers
List of active rebel groups
List of adaptations of works by Stephen King
List of African films
List of African guitarists
List of African millionaires
List of African mythological figures
List of African scientists, inventors, and scholars
List of African studies journals
List of African writers by country
List of African-American actors
List of African-American Jews
List of African-American pornographic actors
List of African-American Republicans
List of African-American visual artists
List of African-American visual artists
List of African-American writers
List of ages of popes
List of agnostics
List of aircraft
List of aircraft carriers
List of aircraft carriers in service
List of aircraft engine manufacturers
List of aircraft engines
List of aircraft hijackings
List of aircraft of World War II
List of airline codes
List of airliners by maximum takeoff weight
List of airports
List of ancient dishes
List of ancient Egyptian sites
List of ancient Egyptians
List of ancient Greek cities
List of ancient Greek philosophers
List of Ancient Greek poets
List of Ancient Greek temples
List of ancient Greek tyrants
List of ancient Macedonians
List of ancient monuments in Rome
List of ancient Romans
List of ancient tribes in Thrace and Dacia
List of angels in theology
List of Anglo-Catholic churches
List of animal names
List of animal sounds
List of animals with fraudulent diplomas
List of animated television series
List of ant genera
List of Antarctic and subantarctic islands
List of Antarctic expeditions
List of anti-capitalist and communist parties with national parliamentary representation
List of antidepressants
List of anti-tank missiles
List of ants of India
List of apex predators
List of apple dishes
List of Apple operating systems
List of aquaria
List of aqueducts in the Roman Empire
List of Arab citizens of Israel
List of Arab League countries by GDP (nominal)
List of Arab members of the Knesset
List of Arab organizations
List of Arab scientists and scholars
List of Arabic-language poets
List of Arabs
List of Aragonese monarchs
List of archaeoastronomical sites by country
List of archaeological sites by country
List of Archibald Prize winners
List of Archie Comics characters
List of archipelagos
List of architects
List of architecture prizes
List of architecture schools
List of areas in the United States National Park System
List of areas of London
List of Argentina international footballers
List of Arizona Wilderness Areas
List of Armenian films
List of Armenian writers
List of armoured fighting vehicles by country
List of artifacts in biblical archaeology
List of artificial intelligence projects
List of artists who reached number one in the United States
List of Asian Americans
List of Asian animals extinct in the Holocene
List of Asian cuisines
List of Asian films
List of Asian pornographic actors
List of assassinations
List of assassinations in Europe
List of association football clubs in New Zealand
List of association football clubs in South Africa
List of association football competitions
List of association football families
List of association football international referees
List of association football rivalries
List of association football stadiums by capacity
List of Assyrian kings
List of Assyrian settlements
List of astrological traditions, types, and systems
List of astronauts by year of selection
List of astronomers
List of astronomical observatories
List of astronomical societies
List of atheist activists and educators
List of atheist authors
List of atheists (miscellaneous)
List of atheists in music
List of atheists in politics and law
List of atheists in science and technology
List of atonal compositions
List of attractions and events in the Louisville metropolitan area
List of attractions in Long Island
List of attractions in Ottawa
List of Australian artists
List of Australian criminals
List of Australians by net worth
List of Australians imprisoned or executed abroad
List of Austrian artists and architects
List of autistic fictional characters
List of auto parts
List of automobile manufacturers
List of autonomous areas by country
List of avalanches
List of Avatar: The Last Airbender characters
List of aviation accidents and incidents in the war in Afghanistan
List of aviators
List of awards and nominations for American Idol contestants
List of awards and nominations received by Frank Sinatra
List of awards and nominations received by Friends
List of awards and nominations received by Snoop Dogg
List of awards and nominations received by the Beatles
List of awards received by Ella Fitzgerald
List of awards received by George Jones
List of award-winning pubs in London
List of Ayatollahs
List of Azerbaijanis