List of Wikipedia Lists (M)

List of Macedonians (ethnic group)
List of Macintosh games
List of Macintosh software
List of Mack Trucks products
List of macOS components
List of macOS technologies
List of Mad Men characters
List of Madagascar (franchise) characters
List of magazines by circulation
List of Magic Kingdom attractions
List of magicians
List of Maginot Line ouvrages
List of mailing list software
List of maize dishes
List of major biblical figures
List of Major League Baseball career home run leaders
List of Major League Baseball career runs batted in leaders
List of Major League Baseball hit records
List of Major League Baseball players from Canada
List of Major League Baseball players from Europe
List of Major League Baseball seasons
List of Major League Baseball single-game records
List of Major League Baseball umpires
List of Major League Soccer coaches
List of major opera composers
List of major perpetrators of the Holocaust
List of major surface ships of the Ottoman steam navy
List of Malay people
List of Malaysian artists
List of Malaysian billionaires by net worth
List of Malaysian dishes
List of Malaysian states by GDP
List of Malaysian writers
List of Malaysians
List of Malaysians of Chinese descent
List of Malaysians of Indian descent
List of male kickboxers
List of male mixed martial artists
List of male performers in gay porn films
List of Maltese people
List of mammals of Antarctica
List of mammals of Argentina
List of mammals of Australia
List of mammals of Canada
List of mammals of China
List of mammals of Europe
List of mammals of Florida
List of mammals of Georgia (country)
List of mammals of India
List of mammals of Ireland
List of mammals of Massachusetts
List of mammals of Metropolitan France
List of mammals of North America
List of mammals of Norway
List of mammals of Réunion
List of mammals of Russia
List of mammals of Samoa
List of mammals of Serbia
List of mammals of Seychelles
List of mammals of Spain
List of mammals of Vietnam
List of management of The Walt Disney Company
List of Mandarin-language films
List of manga artists
List of manga licensed in English
List of manga series by volume count
List of Manhattan neighborhoods
List of manhua
List of manhwa
List of mantis genera and species
List of map projections
List of marathon races
List of marching bands
List of Mariah Carey concert tours
List of Marilyns in England
List of Marilyns in Scotland
List of Marilyns on Scottish islands
List of marinas
List of marine mammal species
List of marine mammals of Australia
List of marine molluscs of Chile
List of Mario franchise characters
List of maritime colleges
List of maritime disasters
List of maritime patrol aircraft
List of Mars orbiters
List of martial arts
List of Marvel Comics characters
List of Maryland Union Civil War units
List of Masonic buildings
List of Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty
List of massacres during the Syrian Civil War
List of massacres in Australia
List of massacres in Germany
List of massacres in Great Britain
List of massacres in the Bosnian War
List of massacres in the Croatian War of Independence
List of massacres in the Dominican Republic
List of massacres in the Palestinian territories
List of massacres in the United States
List of massacres in Yugoslavia
List of massacres of Armenians
List of massacres of Indigenous Australians
List of massively multiplayer online games
List of massively multiplayer online role-playing games
List of mathcore bands
List of mathematical knots and links
List of mathematical proofs
List of mathematical societies
List of mathematical symbols
List of mathematics journals
List of mathematics reference tables
List of Mauritians
List of mausolea
List of Maya sites
List of Mayflower passengers
List of MBTA subway stations
List of McDonald’s ad programs
List of meat substitutes
List of mecha anime
List of media set in San Diego
List of medical colleges in India
List of medical organisations
List of medical specialty colleges in the United States
List of medieval bestiaries
List of medieval great powers
List of medieval weapons
List of megaliths
List of megaprojects
List of members of the European Court of Justice
List of members of the Forbes 400
List of members of the United States Congress by longevity of service
List of memorials to Franklin D. Roosevelt
List of memorials to George Washington
List of men’s magazines
List of men’s national association football teams
List of men’s national futsal teams
List of men’s road bicycle races
List of men’s World Curling champions
List of Mensans
List of mental disorders
List of mergers and acquisitions by Alphabet
List of mergers and acquisitions by IBM
List of Mesopotamian deities
List of messiah claimants
List of Methodist denominations
List of methods of capital punishment
List of methods of torture
List of metro systems
List of metropolitan areas by population
List of metropolitan areas in Africa
List of metropolitan areas in Europe
List of metropolitan areas in India
List of Metropolitan Statistical Areas
List of Mexican artists
List of Mexican railroads
List of Mexican-American writers
List of Mexicans
List of Mexicans by net worth
List of Miami University people
List of Michelin 3-star restaurants
List of Michigan State Historic Sites
List of microbursts
List of micropolitan statistical areas
List of Microsoft software
List of Microsoft Studios video games
List of Microsoft Windows application programming interfaces and frameworks
List of Microsoft Windows components
List of Middlebury College alumni
List of military aircraft of Nazi Germany
List of military aircraft of the United States
List of military brats
List of military clothing camouflage patterns
List of military decorations
List of military divisions by number
List of military equipment used by Syrian opposition forces
List of military operations
List of military rockets
List of military special forces units
List of military vehicles of World War II
List of military writers
List of millennia
List of mills in Manchester
List of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy
List of minerals
List of minerals (complete)
List of minimum wages by country
List of minor planets
List of minor planets and comets visited by spacecraft
List of minor planets named after people
List of Mir expeditions
List of miscellaneous fictional animals
List of Miss Universe editions
List of Miss Universe titleholders
List of Miss World editions
List of Miss World titleholders
List of missiles
List of missiles by country
List of missing treasures
List of missions to Venus
List of moa species
List of mobile network operators
List of mobile phone generations
List of mobile phone makers by country
List of mobsters by city
List of mockumentaries
List of modern armament manufacturers
List of modern conflicts in the Middle East
List of modern Greek poets
List of modern Mongol clans
List of modern Russian small arms and light weapons
List of modernist poets
List of Modernista buildings in Barcelona
List of Moldovans
List of monarchs who abdicated
List of monarchs of Cambodia
List of monarchs of Kakheti and Hereti
List of monarchs of Korea
List of monarchs of Lesotho
List of monarchs of Liechtenstein
List of monarchs of Mercia
List of monarchs of Naples
List of monarchs of Persia
List of monarchs of Prussia
List of monarchs of Sardinia
List of monarchs of Sicily
List of monarchs of Swaziland
List of monarchs of Tahiti
List of monarchs of Thailand
List of monarchs of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
List of monarchs of the Netherlands
List of monarchs of Tonga
List of monarchs of Vietnam
List of monasteries in Syria
List of monastic houses in England
List of monastic houses in Ireland
List of monastic houses in Wales
List of Mongol rulers
List of Mongol states
List of monotremes and marsupials of Australia
List of monster movies
List of monster trucks
List of Montenegrins
List of months by year
List of Moroccan writers
List of mosasaur genera
List of mosques
List of mosques in Africa
List of mosques in Asia
List of mosques in Europe
List of mosques in Iran
List of mosques in Nagorno-Karabakh
List of mosques in Oceania
List of mosques in Ottawa–Gatineau
List of mosques in Pakistan
List of mosques in Scandinavia
List of mosques in the Americas
List of mosques in the Netherlands
List of mosques in the State of Palestine
List of mosques in the United Kingdom
List of mosques in the United States
List of most common surnames in Asia
List of most common surnames in Europe
List of most distant supernovae
List of most downloaded Android applications
List of most expensive association football transfers
List of most expensive non-English-language films
List of most expensive sculptures
List of most expensive video games to develop
List of most massive black holes
List of most massive exoplanets
List of most massive stars
List of most retweeted tweets on Twitter
List of most subscribed users on YouTube
List of most viewed online videos in the first 24 hours
List of most viewed YouTube videos
List of most watched television broadcasts
List of most-produced rotorcraft
List of moths of India (Erebidae)
List of moths of Israel (microlepidoptera)
List of moths of Jamaica
List of moths of Réunion
List of moths of Somalia
List of moths of the Iberian Peninsula
List of motocross riders
List of motor racing tracks
List of motorcycle manufacturers
List of motorways in the United Kingdom
List of mottos
List of mountain lakes of Switzerland
List of mountain lists
List of mountain men
List of mountain passes
List of mountain passes in Colorado
List of mountain peaks of Central America
List of mountain peaks of the Caribbean
List of mountain ranges
List of mountains by elevation
List of mountains in Argentina
List of mountains in Australia
List of mountains in Cape Verde
List of mountains in China
List of mountains in Greece
List of mountains in Greenland
List of mountains in India
List of mountains in Iran
List of mountains in Ireland
List of mountains in Korea
List of mountains in Malaysia
List of mountains in Massachusetts
List of mountains in Montenegro
List of mountains in Myanmar
List of mountains in Norway by height
List of mountains in Norway by prominence
List of mountains in Pakistan
List of mountains in Romania
List of mountains in Saudi Arabia
List of mountains in Serbia
List of mountains in Taiwan
List of mountains in Thailand
List of mountains on Mars
List of mountains on the Moon
List of mountains of Canada
List of mountains of Dominica
List of mountains of Graubünden
List of mountains of Italy
List of mountains of Jamaica
List of mountains of Maine
List of mountains of New Hampshire
List of mountains of Switzerland
List of mountains of the Alps above 3000 m
List of mountains of the United States
List of mountains of Vermont
List of mountains of West Virginia
List of MTR stations
List of multilateral free-trade agreements
List of multiplanetary systems
List of multiple Olympic medalists
List of multiple-barrel firearms
List of murdered hip hop musicians
List of museums
List of museums and cultural institutions in Indonesia
List of museums in Åland
List of museums in and around Copenhagen
List of museums in Arizona
List of museums in California
List of museums in East Timor
List of museums in Egypt
List of museums in Greece
List of museums in Hamburg
List of museums in Italy
List of museums in London
List of museums in Metro Manila
List of museums in Mongolia
List of museums in Myanmar
List of museums in New York
List of museums in Northern Cyprus
List of museums in Qatar
List of museums in Somalia
List of museums in South Korea
List of museums in Spain
List of museums in Taiwan
List of museums in the Comoros
List of museums in the Palestinian territories
List of museums in the United Kingdom
List of museums in the United States
List of museums in Ukraine
List of museums in West Texas
List of museums of Egyptian antiquities
List of music featured on Doctor Who
List of music software
List of music styles
List of musical films by year
List of musical forms by era
List of musical instruments
List of musical scales and modes
List of musicians from Ontario
List of musicians from Quebec
List of Muslim historians
List of Muslim military leaders
List of Muslim scientists
List of Muslims in entertainment and the media
List of Mycenaean deities
List of mythological objects
List of mythologies