Conservative Catholics in American Politics


Institution (Presently or Previously)



Law U.S. Federal Court Robert Bork C
Law U.S. Supreme Court Anthony Kennedy  
Law U.S. Supreme Court Antonin Scalia  
Law U.S. Supreme Court Clarence Thomas  
Law U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts  
Law U.S. Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch F
Law U.S. Supreme Court Samuel Alito  
Media CNBC Lawrence Kudlow C
Media CNN Robert Novak C
Media Fox News Andrew Napolitano  
Media Fox News Bill O’Reilly  
Media Fox News Glenn Beck F
Media Fox News Jeanine Pirro  
Media Fox News Juan Williams F
Media Fox News Kimberly Guilfoyle  
Media Fox News Laura Ingraham C
Media Fox News Megyn Kelly  
Media Fox News Monica Crowley  
Media Fox News Pat Buchanan  
Media Fox News Roger Ailes N
Media Fox News Rupert Murdoch N
Media Fox News Sean Hannity  
Media PBS John McLaughlin  
Media PBS William F. Buckley  
Philanthropy Blackwater Worldwide Erik Prince C
Philanthropy Coors Brewing Joseph Coors  
Philanthropy Simon Foundation William Simon  
Philosophy Amherst College Hadley Arkes C
Philosophy University of Notre Dame John Finnis C
Philosophy Georgetown University Germain Grisez  
Philosophy Heritage Foundation Russell Kirk C
Philosophy Princeton University Robert George  
Philosophy Ethics and Public Policy Center George Wiegel  
Policy Acton Institute Kris Mauren  
Policy Acton Institute Robert Sirico  
Policy American Enterprise Institute Arthur C. Brooks C
Policy Federalist Society Leonard Leo  
Policy Heartland Institute Joseph Bast  
Policy Heritage Foundation Edwin Feulner  
Policy Heritage Foundation Paul Weyrich  
Policy Heritage Foundation Ryan Anderson  
Policy Human Dignity Institute Benjamin Harnwell C
Policy Olin Foundation Michael Joyce  
Politics State Governor Jeb Bush C
Politics State Governor Bobby Jindal C
Politics State Governor Butch Otter  
Politics State Governor Chris Christie  
Politics State Governor Greg Abbott C
Politics State Governor Paul LePage  
Politics State Governor Sam Brownback C
Politics State Governor Sarah Palin F
Politics U.S. House of Representatives Chris Smith  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives David Schweikert  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives Henry Hyde  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives James Sensenbrenner  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich C
Politics U.S. House of Representatives Pat Tiberi  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan  
Politics U.S. House of Representatives Walter Jones C
Politics U.S. Senate David Vitter  
Politics U.S. Senate John Hoeven  
Politics U.S. Senate Kelly Ayotte  
Politics U.S. Senate Joseph McCarthy  
Politics U.S. Senate Pat Toomey  
Politics U.S. Senate Rick Santorum  
Politics U.S. Senate Spencer Abraham  
Politics White House Andrew Bremberg  
Politics White House Don McGahn  
Politics White House Kellyanne Conway  
Politics White House Michael Flynn  
Politics White House Mick Mulvaney  
Politics White House Peter Navarro  
Politics White House Robert Lighthzier  
Politics White House Sean Spicer  
Politics White House Steve Bannon  
Politics White House Wilbur Ross  
Religion Roman Catholic Church Raymond Leo Burke  


  • C = Converted
  • F = Formerly
  • N = Nominally