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The Midterms!

The Latest

Welcome to Jeremiadus – Fighting for a Kinder, Gentler America

An Experiment in Literary Democracy

Media Attacks and the News Desert
Innovation and Opportunity
Times That Try Our Souls
WA 5th a National Election
Bannon, Trump, and the New Nationalism
Fake Populism

What’s New in the WA 5th Congressional District?

A Regional Community

WA 5th – A Political Legacy

Tom Foley

George Nethercutt

Cathy McMorris Rogers

The Lisa Brown Campaign

Introducing Lisa Brown

Brown Resume

Brown/Democratic House

The Cathy McMorris Rogers Campaign

Introducing Cathy McMorris Rogers

Rogers Resume

Rogers Leadership

Rogers & Trump

The Money Trail

Citizens United

Super PACs

Outside Money

Individual Donations

Issues that Matter to You

Education Desert (the Long Tail)


Health Care (reproductive rights, emotional health, drug addiction)

Infrastructure – integration, not isolation

Climate Change



Media and Technology


Vote Smart

WA 5th Electoral History


Midterm Elections

The Trendlines

Polls and Other Numbers

Parsing the National Polls

WA 5th Polling

Demographic Dynamics



Race and Ethnicity




Donald Trump and the Future of American Democracy

Rule of Law

Identity and Inclusion

Political Effectiveness

Speech and Rhetoric

Civility and Community

WA 5th and the Nation

The Nation is our Neighborhood

The Courts and the Constitution

The Republican Party and the Nation

Moral Bankruptcy of the Republican Party

Party and Nation

Some History Lessons

The Importance of the Democratic Party

The Importance of the Media

News You Can Use


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Beautiful Complexity

We live in difficult times, more difficult, perhaps, then they should be. Or perhaps not. This website is dedicated to a multi-faceted exploration of complexity as a way to think about and interpret the challenges of our age. Its premise is is that virtually every assumption we make about our status and significance as humans is incorrect. This is our moment to reassess.


The video you see (generated by Mehrdad Garousi) illustrates the fractal / fragile beauty of our world as a recursive, layered, evolving orb of unfathomable complexity, an unfurling set in motion by a quite simple set of mathematical rules. That is the contradiction – creation as an existential messiness, liberated and disciplined by a self-contained, self-referential, abstract, and elegant logic.