Radical reboot (climate change legislation – Google News)

Radical reboot


Radical reboot

Nothing short of major reform will address the problems our society faces, says Ruairí McKiernan — and that has to start at the grassroots

After a major illness, Ruairí McKiernan realised life was preciousBRYAN MEADE

An advocate for change across a wide range of areas, Ruairí McKiernan’s curiosity around political conflicts, history, colonisation and injustices developed as he was growing up in a small Co Cavan border town.

“At university, I suffered a major illness and I think that made me realise that life is short and precious and we need to live it as fully as possible,” he says. “After university, I travelled the world and was exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking and saw the commonality of struggles and injustices. This led me to getting involved in campaigns and volunteering and to later abandon plans to work in business and instead get involved with community work.”

He started out in the health service, where he says…

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December 16, 2017 at 04:20PM

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