Saturday Night Live slams Roy Moore, Alabama football caught up in fray (Real-Time News from

Saturday Night Live slams Roy Moore, Alabama football caught up in fray

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update took direct aim at Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore this weekend and the University of Alabama football team got caught in the fray.

Pointing to an image showing Moore leading his Democratic challenger, anchor Michael Che said while Democratic Senator Al Franken resigned from the Senate after allegations of sexual misconduct “Uncle Bad Touch is up 4 points in Alabama.”

“See the Democrats hold themselves to a higher standard than everyone else which is why they always lose. It’s the same reason the Harvard football team sucks because you have to be a rocket scientist to play but to play for Alabama, you just gotta be able to spell ‘Bama,” Che said.

Moore has been accused of having improper sexual contact with teenage girls in the 1970s, allegations he denies. The allegations have brought international attention to the state and made Moore the target of most every late night talk show.

Moore’s name comes up several times during Saturday’s SNL episode, including a discussion of Trump’s endorsement and the former State Supreme Court Chief Justice’s much-derided tweet that he’s going to bring “Alabama values to Washington.”

“No, we’re afraid you’re going to bring your values to Washington,” Che said. “Why do people always want to blame their terrible behavior on where they are from?”

The Alabama Senate race was mentioned several other times during the show.

The election is Dec. 12.

The video from the segment is below. Some language may be offensive.

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December 10, 2017 at 06:38AM

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