Former Alabama first lady and women’s equal pay leader join Jones at Cullman rally (Real-Time News from

Former Alabama first lady and women’s equal pay leader join Jones at Cullman rally

Alabama native Lilly Ledbetter, a leader in the fight for equal pay for women, and former Alabama First Lady Marsha Folsom joined Doug Jones at a rally in Cullman Wednesday night.

The rally is the final installment of the “Women’s Wednesdays” rallies before Tuesday’s election.

Ledbetter took the mic at a packed room at Stone Bridge Farms at 6:10 p.m.

During her short speech, Ledbetter urged those in attendance to vote for Jones.

“I’m here this evening to support Doug Jones because he is the only candidate who will put the interests of working women and their families first,” she said, further citing her work on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which President Barack Obama signed in January 2009.

“Doug Jones is someone who understands the importance of justice and fairness. He will bring that same drive when he fights for Alabama women and families in the senate,” she said during her speech.

Jones said later in the rally that Ledbetter endorsed him early in the campaign.

Former Alabama First Lady Marsha Folsom, who co-founded Resource Fiber, a bamboo processing plant in the Black Belt, discussed how political leadership can impact economic development.

“It was Gov. Jim Folsom who brought Mercedes Benz to Alabama–something that changed the economic landscape for our state,” Marsha Folsom said.

In his nearly 20-minute speech, Jones also discussed Folsom’s work with Mercedes Benz, and painted a mental picture of U.S. Senate Candidate Roy Moore negotiating a foreign company like Mercedes.

“Think about Roy Moore sitting down with a German CEO and saying, ‘Come to Alabama. I’m going to demean everybody in the state except a certain group of people, but we’d love to have your business,'” Jones said. “Does anyone in this room think Mercedes Benz would have come to Alabama if Roy Moore had been sitting on the other side of that table? Absolutely not.”

Later in his speech, Jones discussed TIME magazine’s decision to name the “silence breakers” as the magazine’s Person of the Year.

“This country has reached the tipping point in the power women can feel to reach up and speak out about the things they have to endure every day,” he said. “This is our time to say we are part of that movement and that we aren’t going to lag behind like we did in so many of the other social movements in this country.”

“We have to be that leading voice to make sure our moral compass is head on and show we can lead on Dec. 12,” Jones said. “Let’s get things done for Alabama and for this country.” 


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December 6, 2017 at 06:10PM