Ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio weighs in on Roy Moore (Real-Time News from AL.com)

Ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio weighs in on Roy Moore


Former sheriff Joe Arpaio is the latest-high profile Republican to urge support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Arpaio echoed comments by President Donald Trump that the Senate seat must stay in Republican hands.

“It is important to have every Republican that we can get to keep the Senate seat,” he said “The president knows what he is doing, and we have to keep the Senate. I supported the president from day one. I know that he knows what he is doing.”

“I am concerned about losing the Senate,” Arpaio added, explaining how control of the Senate by pro-Trump Republicans is critical to enacting the president’s agenda.

Moore, Alabama’s former chief justice, was considered a virtual lock for the seat before a November report alleging he had improper sexual contact with teenage girls in the 1970s. Moore denies the allegations, but the controversy has brought Democrat Doug Jones almost even with his Republican challenger, according to most polls.

Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for 24 years until he lost reelection in 2016. He was later convicted of contempt of court related to a federal order to stop immigration round-ups. President Trump pardoned Arpaio in August and his name has been mentioned as a possible Senate candidate to replace Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who is not seeking reelection.


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December 6, 2017 at 09:30AM