Photos That Prove Mother Nature Does Whatever She Wants (Neatorama)

Photos That Prove Mother Nature Does Whatever She Wants

Mother Nature can be both majestic and scary as she wields her control over the wilderness and turns the natural world upside-down seemingly just for the hell of it.

But all the things she does, destructive or otherwise, are done for a reason that may not always be clear to the humans who rent land from her.

These natural wonders are so beautiful we can’t help but ooh and aah at the majesty of it all, even though those bioluminescent waves are made of terrified phytoplankton and fire whirls uproot trees and spread wildfires during their glorious dance.

The basalt columns are an example of Mother Earth turning something destructive (basaltic lava) into something beautiful, while the bloody red tides that occur after an algal bloom look cool but often result in the death of hundreds of marine animals.

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December 5, 2017 at 02:09PM