Outside attorney with conservative political background joins DNR (environmental legislation – Google News)

Outside attorney with conservative political background joins DNR


An attorney with partisan conservative political credentials from outside the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been appointed the agency’s chief legal counsel. 

Jake Curtis was an attorney at the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s Center for Competitive Federalism until recently, and he has written extensively for conservative publications.

Curtis has been a frequent contributor to the “Right Wisconsin” blog, which also features opinion pieces by conservative talk radio hosts from the Milwaukee area, according to the WILL website, which described him as a “federalism litigator.” 

Curtis has also been published by the National Review Online. Before he jointed WILL, Curtis worked as policy director for state Sen. Duey Stroebel, a Saukville Republican who currently is co-author of recently-introduced legislation that would remove restrictions on hundreds of air pollutants.

“In addition to his role as an attorney, Jake has been actively involved in Wisconsin politics

since 2004,” the WILL website says. “He previously served in key advisory roles to Assembly, State Senate, Judicial,

and U.S. Senate campaigns. Most recently, he served as a Wisconsin advisor to the Ted Cruz

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November 30, 2017 at 05:37PM