#MeAt14: Roy Moore scandal prompts women to tweet their teen pics (Real-Time News from AL.com)

#MeAt14: Roy Moore scandal prompts women to tweet their teen pics


In response to the allegations Roy Moore inappropriately touched a 14-year-old girl in 1979, Twitter users have started uploading pictures of themselves at that age.

The #MeAt14 campaign started trending Saturday night on Twitter. Moore, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat left behind by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was accused by four women of sexual misconduct in a Washington Post article on Thursday.

Saturday, Moore made his first public appearance since the allegations at a mid-Alabama Republican Club meeting honoring Veterans Day. Moore, a Vietnam veteran, spoke at the meeting. He addressed the accusations later in his speech, saying they were “fake news” and a “desperate attempt” to stop his campaign.

The hashtag took off after a day of some politicians taking back their endorsements, while others have rushed to his defense.

Users who participate in the hashtag use #MeAt14 and upload a picture of themselves at 14-years-old– the same age Leigh Corfman was when she says Moore took her to his Gadsden home, took off her clothes, and touched her inappropriately. 

Three other women, who were also in their teens, said they went on dates with Moore.

Lizz Winstead, a writer and producer who co-created The Daily Show, was one of the first to use #MeAt14 and ask for the flood of photos. She also encouraged users to use #NoMoore along with their pictures, in protest of Moore.

Some Twitter users responded with comical answers, while other took the challenge more seriously. The underlying question in the #MeAt14 tweets, according to NPR and Winstead, is should these young teens be able to consent– and be in a relationship with– a 32-year-old?


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November 11, 2017 at 05:59PM