Scott Pruitt Opens EPA’s Front Doors to Industry, Pushes Scientists Out the Back Door (Greentech Media)

Scott Pruitt Opens EPA’s Front Doors to Industry, Pushes Scientists Out the Back Door

Since taking over as administrator of the EPA, Scott Pruitt’s meeting calendar has been filled almost exclusively with industry interests. 

Now he’s opening the door even wider for industry.

On Tuesday, the Administrator issued a new decree: any scientist getting funding from the EPA will no longer be allowed to serve on the agency’s scientific advisory board. He’s replacing scientists with representatives from the chemical, fossil fuel and utility industries.

The scientific community is up in arms, saying there is already a very detailed process for ensuring scientific integrity and avoiding conflicts. Former EPA officials who served in the Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations are criticizing the move as a way to stifle independent science.

This week, we’ll discuss the latest in Pruitt’s campaign to unravel the EPA. 

Then, European utilities are scooping up American distributed energy companies at a record pace. We’ll talk about Enel’s acquisition of Enernoc, eMoterWerks, Demand Energy and a range of other distributed energy players. Is it sustainable?

We’ll end with a conversation about the latest developments in the ongoing solar trade case. Is the sky falling yet? MJ Shiao, head of Americas research at GTM, talks through the different penalties on imports proposed by international trade commissioners.

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November 3, 2017 at 08:22AM