Russia slams Ron Wyden for calling its government ‘fascist’ (Politics & Elections)

Russia slams Ron Wyden for calling its government ‘fascist’

The Russian embassy in Washington slammed U.S. Sen Ron Wyden on Wednesday, saying his remark that the Russian government is “fascist” could damage U.S.-Russia relations.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, of which Wyden is a member, grilled the top lawyers of social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter Wednesday over their response to Russian attempts to influence U.S. politics by purchasing ads on their platforms.

During his questions, Wyden said the “fascist leadership of Russia” has worked to undermine American democracy through attempted meddling, which Wyden said amounted to “espionage.”

Incensed, the Russian embassy in Washington, D.C., shot back in a Facebook post.

“Today, the senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden, allowed an unacceptable insinuation against Russia by calling its leadership fascist. Has reason left yet another lawmaker in Washington? Did he understand what he was talking about? Or the main thing is to draw attention to yourself, if you can’t beat any proof out of those you’re questioning?” the embassy wrote, according to a translation.

“Such outright provocations are detrimental to the already complicated Russian-American relations,” the embassy said.

In its post, which was first reported locally by Willamette Week, the embassy also insisted the Russian government does not interfere with internal U.S. politics.

However, a Senate investigation has found that the Russian government bought political ads that reached millions of Americans during the last presidential campaign. Many of those ads were critical of Donald Trump’s political opponents. Lawmakers are divided along partisan lines over whether the ads may have influenced the presidential election.

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November 2, 2017 at 12:04PM

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