New Zealand’s Hip, Young Prime Minister Comes Complete with a Tech-Savvy Cat (Vanity Fair)

New Zealand’s Hip, Young Prime Minister Comes Complete with a Tech-Savvy Cat

New Zealand has a new prime minister, and, perhaps more importantly, a new first cat. Thirty-seven-year-old Jacida Ardern, a member of the New Zealand Labour Party, became the world’s youngest female leader when she was named New Zealand’s prime minister last week. Ardern has been involved in politics since her teens, and a member of parliament since she was 28 but more important for the meme-hungry Internet, she has a feline friend named Paddles, who is already helping establish Ardern as the latest hip, cool world leader that America wish it had.

It’s not just the Twitter presence that makes Paddles special; the orange-and-white cat has opposable thumbs, which makes her both adorable and, per her Twitter header photo, able to hold a pair of reading glasses. Paddles is already cracking jokes with some terrifying online cats, getting quippy with Australians, and mulling over world domination.

Ardern, whose Twitter has not been updated since Sept. 21, is doing some work to keep up with her tech-savvy feline. She connected via Skype on Monday with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, a moment Trudeau shared on his own Twitter feed:

Per Sky New Zealand Bureau Chief James Doherty, Donald Trump opted to congratulate Ardern on a regular land line. The conversation reportedly went well (in congratulate to that time in February when the president berated Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull on the phone.) Meanwhile, Paddles continues to tweet away to her followers, or rather flirt with other single Internet cats while Mom is hard at work.

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October 24, 2017 at 01:40PM