Americans for Prosperity Kicks Off Grassroots Event Series with White House, Congressional Leaders (Americans for Prosperity)

Americans for Prosperity Kicks Off Grassroots Event Series with White House, Congressional Leaders

50+ events will focus on unrigging the economy through comprehensive tax reform.

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity launched its summer series of grassroots tax reform events this week by bringing together White House officials and lawmakers to discuss how a simpler, fairer tax code can unleash economic growth, expand opportunities and improve the lives of millions of Americans. On Monday, AFP and Freedom Partners held a discussion with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short; and yesterday, AFP hosted Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Mark Meadows to discuss following through on this significant opportunity to improve lives.

This week’s activities are the first of more than 50 grassroots events taking place this month across the group’s 36 state chapters to rally for tax reform.  

In addition to these events, AFP’s grassroots volunteers will continue their summer-long grassroots effort encouraging lawmakers through phone banks. To date, activists have placed more than half a million phone calls advocating for pro-growth tax reform that reflects AFP’s five principles.

Wednesday’s gathering at the Newseum saw more than 150 grassroots activists gather with Rep. Meadows, AFP President Tim Phillips, and AFP Chief Operating Officer Sean Lansing to discuss Congress’s work to get tax reform accomplished this year.

AFP President Tim Phillips highlighted how tax reform can empower hardworking Americans that feel cheated by an economy that’s rigged against them:

“The tax code favors the rich, the powerful, the well connected…Here’s their chance to help folks get up the rungs of the ladder.”

 “This fall, I can tell you, our network is all in…We are going to be calling on Republicans to go big and go bold…this is their chance to do it on tax reform…The heart and soul of this effort is with you.”

AFP COO Sean Lansing underscored the group’s commitment to advancing tax reform: 

“All 36 of our state chapters will be focusing on tax reform…that includes a continuation of our network’s multi-million dollar effort to ensure that tax reform becomes a reality.”

Rep. Mark Meadows stressed to activists the importance of going bold on tax reform:

“We do need to be bold, but we also need to be diligent…We know that the special interest groups here in Washington D.C. do not make the decisions for us on Main Street…The winners need to be the American people, once and for all.”

“We have got to get the economy going again…Keep the pressure on to make sure that members of Congress fulfill their promise.” 

VIDEO: Watch Monday’s event with White House officials

VIDEO: Watch Wednesday’s event with Rep. Meadows

Below are comments from Monday’s event  with Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin and White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short

AFP President Tim Phillips:

“We are going to get this [tax reform] done. It’s a big lift, but we are confident we can do this, and the stakes for our country are enormous. We also know that this doesn’t come along very often, this opportunity. So, we need to seize it, and we are going to do that.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin:

“This is about creating a fair tax system that is good for the average middle-class person and create wage growth for them; something they’ve needed for a long time.”

“We need to have a fairer and simpler system where our companies can compete… We want to make sure that there is tax relief for small businesses.”

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short:

“We feel it is not only something we would like to do, it is something we have to do this year. Our message is pretty simple, we want to have a fairer and simpler tax code.”

“What I would encourage for you and for the AFP activists— we are confident we will get this done this year but we also know we can’t get it done without your support and groups like yours calling on their members and letting them how important tax reform is because we’ve learned how difficult it is to thread the needle with only 52 Republican senators.”

So, we ask for your help reaching out to Democrat senators as well. You look at Democrat senators in the upper Midwest from North Dakota, Montana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, all in cycle this time, and if they hear from their constituents that they need tax reform, that is going to be a very strong selling point. And that will actually help us complete the task that we have.”


AFP and Freedom Partners have already each launched digital campaigns urging lawmakers from both parties to rally around a positive vision for tax reform that reverses our nation’s trajectory toward a two-tiered society and gives all Americans an equal opportunity to succeed. The ads were part of AFP and Freedom Partners’ larger campaign to support the following key principles:

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  • SIMPLICITY: Lower rates, fewer brackets, and the elimination of special loopholes, deductions and exemptions will make tax compliance easier and more affordable.
  • EFFICIENCY: A broad-based, low-rate tax system is the most efficient way for the government to collect revenue – causing as little disruption to the economy as possible.
  • EQUITABILITY: Corporate welfare and special-interest handouts in the current tax code create an unfair, two-tiered tax system and should be eliminated.
  • PREDICTABILITY: Tax certainty is essential to a pro-growth tax system.
  • NO BURDEN ON TAXPAYERS: Comprehensive tax reform should be done without placing new burdens on the American people, whether in the form of a BAT, VAT, carbon tax, or otherwise.


For further information or an interview, reach Chris Neefus at or (703) 517-4504.  

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