Normalizing Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay spoke at Town Hall. All 6’3″ and 300 pounds of her. Roxane Gay is a feminist/cultural critic/social media phenom. She is a Twitter OG, been doing it since 2007, so 10 years to account for her nearly 200,000 followers and her 129,000 tweets. That’s only 12,900 tweets a year, boss. Only about 35 tweets a day, 24/7/365, for 10 fucking years. My God.
Roxane Gay is also a bisexual, Haitian-American raised in Nebraska who presently teaches in the CFA program at Purdue University. She wrote a famous book called Bad Feminist, that first made me think of the Bad Santa movie, and then made me think of Yawno Yiannapoulos, but which is more about the messiness of being feminist (she is probably the anti-Yawno).
Honestly, though, I couldn’t tell you much about Roxane Gay’s writing. Her witty, profane, gigantic reality is sufficient. That she exists is sufficient. We concern ourselves with the normalization of all things Donald Trump. But gosh, I could not imagine anything more fantastic for our world than to normalize Roxane Gay. Who contradicts herself and is large and contains multitudes. Whose genial facticity, quite heroically, I think, is the self-evident answer to the blatant fakery and tomfoolery of our times.